Steampipe builds working!

Spent yesterday getting the Steampipe builds working - so I can finally get builds pushed up to Steam! I know it's not the most glamorous update, but it's a nice milestone - particularly since this is a multiplayer project, being able to share builds easily is...kind of important. 

Next main focus is on the mission lobby / launching system - right now you can jump into missions, social districts and your main apartment, but the mission lobby / launch flow is slightly different (have to set up the whole 'ready up' system to launch the missions etc) - shouldn't take much to implement, expect that to be ready hopefully this weekend.

I've also been doing some tech experimentation - working on multiplayer-sync'd crowd spawning using GPU animations. If I can get this working, I'll be able to have pretty large crowds, which is important for both the social district but also for the gameplay swarms that I'm hoping to have - fingers crossed!

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