Updates - Avatar updates, interaction systems and more

Work the past week or so has been mostly focused around the avatar and interaction systems. 

I've updated the base character mesh from the original CharacterCreator 3 base to the new CC 3+ base mesh - which brings a ton of new graphical upgrades, particularly to the character face (eye occlusion, tear ducts, extra details) but also to the overall skinning of the base mesh. This is a great addition, as these small details were always something I was hoping for in the character face details.

Additionally, I've been experimenting with a new way of handling the binding of clothing to the character body - the new technique does auto skinning of the clothing (so no more need to hand weight all of the clothing!) which is fantastic, and will speed up building out the full wardrobe system considerably.  

Additionally, this new technique also handles setting up the clothing with the necessary blend shapes for body and face morphs - which is one of the final pieces of the puzzle that I was needing to solve for the full customization system to be functional. What this means is that when we apply different face shapes, the character's hair will adapt to the face / head shape, or body morphs for different body types, the clothing will automatically adapt etc. As I mentioned, this is a HUGE milestone for the customization system overall, and I'm excited to be able to show some of this off!

This is still in a dev branch currently, but once I finish merging this with the existing avatar system will be a major upgrade to the clothing and avatar system overall. Pretty exciting. Much more on this as I get this merged into the main project!

As always, you can check out the current task board on codecks:


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